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Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez
Lead Vocals/Lead Guitar/Keys/Sex Symbol/Supermodel

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"The REASON that video killed the radio star"
Rolling Stone Magazine, 2014

"Get these geeks out of my venue!"
Stone Pony - N.J., 2015

"I listen to them on the toilet while I Tweet"
Donald Trump, 2017

"Why aren't the bigger? 
It's probably because they aren't pretty enough"
New York Times, 2019

Combine the classic sound of The Beatles, Queen, The Beach Boys, give it a modern twist, and what do you get? That's right! It is a deliciously irresistible Cosmic Punch that's out of this world. The tastes are wide and varied, which brings a unique flavor to the music. The newest release, "The Club of Nerd Dads," came out on the holiday of May the 4th since Disney dropped the ball with something Star Wars-related. 

The music is all the fun of the 70s, 80s, and 90s deep-fried and served on a stick for your auditory pleasure.

Previous Cosmic Punch releases, AutoReverse (2018) are available through KnifeFight Media Records and 2014's, "FM Stereo," was on Tate Music Group.


2020 brings change as Cosmic Punch becomes a solo vehicle for veteran producer/songwriter, Juan "Punchy" Gonzalez.  "The Club of Nerd Dads," the latest release, shows "Punchy" playing all the instruments and handling all the vocals.  Special guest performances by Lovely Hudson on "I Love You and Stuff" and Michael Romeo (Symphony x) on "Teenage Rage."


Expect “Nerd Greatness” from the artist that is synonymous with feel-good music complete a music video package that will feature every song from the record in either lyric video or full performance format.  With so much of the material covering the often-controversial subject of science-fiction fandom, the band will be performing at many of the upcoming sci-fi conventions all over the galaxy and beyond!


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